The ONLY Thing that Worked When I Couldn’t Stop Eating

Dear Friend:

If you’re anything like me, you’ll understand:

I’ve done things with food I was afraid to discuss with anyone. 

  • I’ve spent hours (entire nights) chained to my couch, binge-watching TV shows while consuming thousands of calories of food.
  • I’ve driven through the drive-thru and pretended I was buying food for my family, but instead ate it all myself.
  • I’ve hidden my favorites foods, lied about how much I ate, and even stole food from family members because I couldn’t control my sugar cravings.
  • I threw binge foods in the garbage after getting full, but retrieved the food later when I was hungry again and needed a “fix.”

I’ve done embarrassing, shameful things on account of my obsession with food and weight.

Diets, gym memberships, excessive exercise, fat burning supplements, crazy lotions and potions, detoxes, fasting, liposuction, surgery, "health bars" (who could ever eat just one of those?), gurus, retreats, courses, books, the list of what we do to get skinny seems endless… 

It’s a merry-go-round that leaves us feeling hopeless, and frankly, like a bit of a loser, doesn’t it?

I understand the humiliation of being fat and out of control with food.

I also know, from bitter experience, that diets don’t work.

I understand the pain and frustration of trying many methods to lose weight… and failing. 

Tricia at age 12

Tricia at age 20

But we were going about it all wrong.

You see, the problem isn't actually about weight. In fact, IT'S NOT EVEN ABOUT FOOD.

It’s about something very few people are talking about: Emotional Eating.

The problem with weight loss programs is that they don't address why we overeat even though we know better.

They don’t address emotional eating—eating for reasons beyond nutritional need.

Without addressing emotional eating, a person can't ever get control of food. A person can't ever stop fighting food and weight — No matter how hard they try, how much money they spend, and how much they want it.

My experience is that one needs to heal the root causes of their destructive eating in order to achieve and enjoy effortless weight loss. When these causes are healed, then the need for excess food is removed, easily and without thought; NO MORE DIETS, NO MORE EXTREME EXERCISE.

You see, you know what to eat… you've read the books and listened to the experts… you know what is healthy to eat and what is not.  

And yet, you can't seem to lose the weight, or if you do, you can't keep it off. You probably find yourself thinking: "I've tried everything and nothing works. What am I missing?"  

That’s the right question to ask.

Because once you discover this missing piece, you won’t ever have to diet again. You won’t have to even join a gym or workout, unless you really want to.

I was 50 pounds overweight and couldn’t stop eating. I hated my body.

But today I am free from the compulsion to overeat. I don’t crave crappy foods. I actually love eating healthy foods (I crave salads... seriously!).

I am at peace with my body. I don’t avoid mirrors anymore because I am happy with what I see. I wake up happy and grateful, and naturally hungry for my breakfast because I didn’t eat until I passed out.

Look, I’m no superhero.

The beautiful life I have today, including the release from the compulsion to overeat, can and will happen when you apply what I’m going to teach you.

Hear about results from some participants:

Finally, a Program Designed with YOU in Mind

I am excited to introduce you to the amazingly effective "10 Weeks to Freedom from Emotional Eating” — a virtual program where you can finally break free from emotional eating and live with a new sense of joy and purpose.

This program is a way for you to finally look beyond the symptom of food and weight and address what's really driving your out-of-control eating.

My unique process of healing is specifically designed to give you the insight and tools you need to begin a realistic, non-diet, self-caring lifestyle that you can enjoy one day at a time... forever.


These simple steps to freedom will work for anyone, at any time.

For 30 years I’ve seen this work for countless people. Time and time again, when someone follows these simple steps, they too, will be able to able say “no” to the foods that cause trouble, naturally say yes to foods that heal and nurture, and yes to new, self-care habits that bring a sense of peace and harmony, from the inside out.

Based on my personal experience and work with thousands, I will show you exactly how you can stop the roller coaster ride of excess food and fat.  

Here are some of the things you will learn:

  • The truth about emotional eating... why it's NEVER about the food.
  • How to stop self-sabotage and develop healthy habits that will stay with you for life.
  • How to identify triggering emotions and STOP them on the spot.
  • How to differentiate between physical and emotional hunger so you can EFFORTLESSLY make healthy food choices.
  • Self-care habits that will snuff out food cravings.
  • A personalized blueprint for emotional balance and happiness (even when nothing else has worked).
  • The hidden link between self-esteem and self-destructive eating and how to HEAL BOTH at the same time.

If You're Sick and Tired of Struggling With Your Weight, It's Time to SOLVE the ROOT of the Problem

Doctor recommendations:

More results from participants:

The missing link in all the diet and exercise plans I've attempted

“This program is the missing link in all the diet and exercise plans I've attempted throughout the years. No one has ever addressed the "why" behind how I used and abused food before. Tricia leads you towards the healing that needs to take place in order to be successful, and move beyond emotional eating and food addiction. If you are debating whether or not to enroll, I recommend you do. You won't regret it!”

~ Stephanie from New York

I am healing the roots of emotional eating.

"For the first time I am truly healing the roots that led me to be an emotional eater. I always searched, and I did many different types of things to heal, from therapies, spiritual practices, diets, but I could not get to the root of all of it. This program turned out to be the key to start healing. The clarity, simplicity and love of that Tricia shares, helps me be able to integrate the information so easily. I’ve lost weight, the compulsion to overeat has been relieved, and my mind is finally clear."

~ Jessica from Argentina

I eat healthier. I feel better and practice self-control.

"Tricia Nelson's Heal Your Hunger Program has given me a formula for changing the way I look at things and the way I live my life. I eat healthier. I feel better, and practice self-control. If you’re thinking about joining, do it! It is a small price for big impact."

~ Jamie from Florida

The key to ending the madness with food.

"The insight you gain about yourself and why you emotionally eat is the key to ending the madness of turning to food for any reason other than fuel for the body."

~ Lisa from Texas

This experience has changed my life 100%

"Tricia is the first person I have ever heard who really understands the causes of emotionally eating and food addiction. This experienced has changed my life 100%. The "Heal Your Hunger" program finally addressed my deep, dark secret of emotional, binge eating and has provided me the awareness and tools to overcome this addiction."

~ Dona from California 

This changed my life for the better

"The HYH program is an awesome way to live for anyone. You can lose weight and your life will change for the better."

~ Debbie from Maryland

10 Weeks to Freedom from Emotional Eating

Weekly Live Q & A Calls

Every other week I will be holding a Q & A call where you can ask questions and get guidance on areas where you need clarification, support and encouragement.

Q & A Call Recording Archive

If you miss a call, no worries, you can review the recording later! You will also have access to the entire archive of Q & A call recordings that you can tune into at any time.

Video & Audio Format

All of the classes recordings are delivered by video as well as audio, so you can choose to watch or listen…or both. It’s important that you have the format that works best for you and your learning preference.

Email support

Your success is important to me, which is why we offer email support. My team and I will be available to answer email questions if something comes up.

10 Modules

Each week you will be guided through a new module that will help you understand the root causes of your emotional eating habits and show you exactly how to heal your hunger. Besides the video and audio tutorials in each module there will also be assigned homework which will further enable you to integrate the material and help transform your relationship with food.

Your 10 Program Modules:

The Myths, Lies, and Truth about Emotional Eating

Struggling with food and weight sets us up to believe all kinds of things about how to lose weight, why we're not reaching goal weight, how there's a "quick fix" to solve the problem, and where we have gone wrong. In order to heal we have to discover the TRUTH about our problem.

Clean Eating: What it Looks Like & How to Achieve It

You will learn the wisdom behind 3 Meal Magic and how it can work for you to eliminate compulsive nibbling and achieve natural weight loss. I will share all of the tricks and tools I've learned over the past 30 years to have a sane and healthy relationship with food.

How to Get Centered & Stay That Way

Phone calls, deadlines, kids' soccer games, making meals… all of these demands on our time leave us stressed and reaching for food. I will walk you through the 6 Self-Care Success Secrets and show you how to let them work in your life so you can find calm and peace, and a respite from stress-eating.

Anatomy of the Emotional Eater

Who knew there was an actual "emotional eater profile?" Yes, we have a host of personality traits that not only drive our overeating, but in some cases, actually cause it. Learn what these traits are, and more importantly, what to do about them. In this module you will begin to identify and dismantle the traits that are sabotaging your success.

How to Create Connection & Community

No one can do this alone. We will delve into the ways in which, as emotional eaters, have become isolated, and what we can do to start finding connection that soothes and heals us. You will automatically become part of the Heal Your Hunger community, where you will be supported and loved on your healing path.

Clear & Effective Communication

Say it or stuff it! You have a voice so it's time to use it. No more people pleasing or pussy-footing. In this module you will learn all my best tips for how to express yourself confidently - and to feel good about it when you do.

How to Raise Your Consciousness for Success

No more "stinking thinking!" Condition your mind and up-level your consciousness for success; not just around food and weight, but in every area of your life. Yes, you can think your way into being happy, healthy and thin.

Healing the SOURCE of Emotional Eating

If you're like others who are drawn to this course, you are ready. You are serious about healing the underlying causes. You are tired of "quick fixes" that fix nothing. You know there's no pill or surgery that will stop your compulsion. Real change takes deeper work and this course will help you do that. Let's wrestle down those root causes together!

Courage - Where to Get It & How to Be Empowered By It

Fear is a bully, and emotional eaters have been bullied by fear for far too long. With the support of the HYH community I will show you how to walk through your fears. Your relationship with food will change when you tell fear to take a hike and start living the life you are meant to live.

Traveling the Heal Your Hunger Path

This is a lifetime journey, so I will help you fully integrate the HYH principles into your daily life so you can continue to find increasing joy and lasting freedom.


Bonus #1:
10 Fast
Food Hacks

Clean Eating on the run! This is a detailed list of my favorite healthy, fast food meals. I will show you how to eat out and stay healthy.

Bonus #2: Banish
Nighttime Eating
Cheat Sheet

No more late night binges or trips to 7 Eleven. This quick start guide has everything you need to know to curb your late night cravings. Imagine you can actually go to bed and wake up feeling great!

Bonus #3: Three Health Mistakes Even Smart People Make

You will receive your “cheat sheet” as soon as you register. Why wait? Get started right away!

More vital tools you will learn:

  • How to develop consistent new habits.
  • The 3 Meal Magic plan of eating that eliminates cravings.
  • How to come out of "overeating isolation" and begin creating connection and community with others who understand you.
  • How to stop "people pleasing" and start taking care of yourself.
  • Powerful methods to heal limiting beliefs.
  • How to courageously face your fears (instead of burying them with food).
  • How to create loving relationships that are supportive (not negative and draining).
  • Important tools for balanced living (and how to side-step chaos and strife).
  • The secret to rock solid self-esteem.

And so much more!

Frequently Asked Questions:

A: Both! Each module in this course is recorded so you can listen anytime you want and at your own pace. In addition, there are LIVE Q & A calls every week, which are also recorded in case you miss one or want to review.

A: Don't worry, this won't take away from the rest of your life. This course contains about 1 hour of video content each week and occasional assignments that you can easily to fit in between other tasks. Between this and commenting in the private Facebook group, the 10 Weeks to Freedom journey won't interfere with your busy schedule.

A: Beside the LIVE Q/A calls, there is a private, Facebook community where you can ask questions and get answers almost immediately. You will be supported by others going through the program, as well as by Tricia and her team. Also, all LIVE calls are recorded in case you miss one or want to listen again. Lastly, we are always available by email to answer your questions whenever you need us.

A: Yes! We welcome all international participants. Emotional eating is a universal condition, the more global support you have, the easier it is to overcome this problem.

A: All of us tried many various methods that failed. This has made us afraid to hope that we could actually overcome this problem. What's different here is that the focus is on the UNDERLYING CAUSES of your food and weight issues, not simply on weight loss.

98% of all diets fail because weight is a symptom of the problem, not the problem itself. That's why your weight-loss efforts have failed…they didn't go deep enough. If you put an end to emotional eating and learn new tools to deal with the emotions that used to drive you to the refrigerator, then you won't have food cravings or feel compelled to overeat. The weight loss will take care of itself; instead of trying to make it happen, all you will need to do is let it happen.

When food has seemed like your only friend, it’s time for something better. 

Up until now you may have thought that food was the only real friend you have. It’s comforting, dependable and always there for you.

But at what cost? Health problems? Self-hatred? Depression and loneliness?

For years you’ve lived in isolation with your food issues, thinking you’re the only one who feels how you feel and does the wacky things you do.

And when you tried to overcome your food issues without any help, that didn’t work too well, either, did it?

According to a recent Mayo Clinic study the number one determinant in weight loss success or failure is the level of community support.

So don’t underestimate the value of being among the safety of people who understand your problem and who will support you on your healing journey. 

Who are you hanging with?

Studies show that you have a 57% greater risk of becoming obese if your friend becomes obese.

But it works the other way, as well: being around people who are healing emotional eating will increase your likelihood of healing by 57%, as well.

The people in 10 Weeks to Freedom are GETTING RESULTS because they have REAL SUPPORT.

Not only is there a private Facebook community that will give you support, there are also weekly LIVE calls where you will join with others and feel the camaraderie, love and constant encouragement.

And I will be there to guide you every step of the way.

Here are some of the benefits of being a part of the HYH Community:

Imagine you’re having a struggle with food cravings and you think you need to eat something, but instead you post about it in the group.

You just had an upsetting conversation and instead of reaching for food you reach out to the HYH Community.

You feel stuck and you need additional support, so you bring it to the LIVE weekly call and get on-the-spot coaching and guidance.

People you can reach out to online at any time of the day or night.

Immediate feedback and encouragement from members.

A place to share your “wins,” big and small (but they’re all big!).

Tricia is in the online group regularly commenting and answering your questions, as well as addressing your needs every week on the live calls.

Feel the warmth and love when you show up for yourself and the other members.

A safe, non-judgmental place where you can shed the shackles of shame and quickly move forward with your healing. 

Here’s a Peek at the Weekly Live Calls and Conversations in the HYH Community:

Here are some more people who have gotten results from 10 Weeks to Freedom from Emotional Eating:

This program will change your life, forever!

"I have read books on emotional eating, watched videos, trying to find answers. Nothing hit home until HYH!!! The program is broken down into Modules that really make sense. I was so happy to read/watch the modules & relate to Tricia, who has truly been through this pain of emotional eating! From the examples Tricia uses and the stories she shares, I felt like Tricia knew my life!! Tricia understands the pain of emotional eating & the struggle we feel. Her vast knowledge and her caring heart, comes out on her videos and podcasts! I loved her cute sense of humor, too!! This program will change your life, forever!"

~ Karen from Canada

This program has changed my life for the better.

"I have found my clothes getting looser. I feel calmer and more relaxed. This program has changed my life for the better. I give thanks to G-d for having discovered this program and the wonderful tools and support available. Tricia is so amazing -- she explains the issue of emotional eating in such a kind way. Tricia clears up the mystery of all the angst of emotional eating in a simple, clear way. I have been so impressed to receive so much support in the program."

~ Melanie from New Hampshire

This experienced has changed my life 100%.

"This experienced has changed my life 100%. The "Heal Your Hunger" program finally addressed my deep dark secret of emotional binge eating and has provided me the awareness and tools to overcome this addiction. I have asked the question for years "What else can I turn to besides food and alcohol that will provide me the reward, comfort, and satisfaction I need especially at the end of a busy work week or when feeling depressed?" I've learned there are things that can fill me just as much. Tricia is an amazing woman. She has a huge heart of gold, has been through it, and is living proof that we can overcome emotional eating. Her program is affordable, not easy, and worth every cent. I feel truly grateful."

~ Doni from California

I no longer need to abuse myself with food and bulimia.

Tricia changed my life. She showed me how to get honest, communicate effectively and build real self-esteem so I no longer needed to abuse myself with food and bulimia. My life has been forever changed on account of the love, guidance and insight Tricia has so generously provided me. Her consciousness is contagious.


Action steps that make my life better.

Tricia is kind, caring and extremely generous. What I love about Tricia is that she provides me with very thoughtful and purposeful input that allows me to look at myself more honestly and then take action steps to make my life better.

~ Kim

To experience Tricia is to be blessed!

Tricia is gentle and nurturing to listen to as she has real, genuine experience to share. She is sympathetic and loyal and a pure light of love. Tricia gives generously and can help expand the way you see things. To experience Tricia is to be blessed!

~ Lisa

My life is amazing.

I have known Tricia for over 15 years now and I can honestly say that she has been one of the most influential people in my life. Love, compassion and truth are the words that come to mind when I think about Tricia. Her own journey through pain and suffering matched with a real solution, makes her uniquely qualified to help people where other methods have failed. What I have learned from her continues to make my life amazing and impact those around me everyday.

~ David

It’s changed my whole life.

Tricia knows more about why people relate to food the way they do and more about why people obsess over ridiculous little things than anyone I’ve ever met. With the lessons that she’s taught me I’ve changed my whole life. The education, guidance, friendship and love she has for people who are suffering from their own self-destructive nature have helped change my life. I have no doubt she can change yours.

~ Scott

One last thing before you decide… 

Before you register for this course, let's be sure we have a 'fit'. The information shared will be truly life-changing. And the experiences you will have are equally powerful. The only way that we can insure this is to determine that all participants are prepared for maximum change and healing. This transformative experience is not for everyone, so please note the following information and be sure you feel comfortable with the qualifications…

10 Weeks to Freedom from Emotional Eating is for you if:

  • You recognize that you often eat for emotional reasons.
  • You have tried other ways to stop overeating…with very little success.
  • You are tired of getting nowhere with "diet and exercise." 
  • You suspect that you cannot fight this problem on your own and need additional support.
  • You are ready for the deeper conversation about feelings, thought processes, behaviors, etc. – in order to truly heal your relationship with food.
  • You are willing to accept help and direction (you are teachable and coachable).  

Let's Recap What You'll Receive:



10 Modules That Walk You Through the 7 Simple Steps to End Emotional Eating Now, plus worksheets, quizzes, and hand-outs.


Audio & Video Recordings. You get to choose how you will “consume” the information… whichever works best for you. 


Weekly Q & A Calls. Get your questions answered as you go, as well as additional clarification, support and encouragement. This is truly invaluable. Imagine, any question that comes up you can get answered by me, in real time, and every week you’ll receive direct coaching on various issues that come up, if you want it. I charge $250 an hour for my 1x1 coaching, but you can get direct coaching on a group call every single week at no additional cost.


Q & A Call Recordings. Can’t make it to one of our LIVE calls? No worries, you will be able to access the recording just a few days after the call, and at any time you can review the entire archive of call recordings throughout the course.


Unlimited Email Support. We will be available to answer email questions if something comes up. Need to know something that can’t wait? No problem, just shoot us an email and we’ll take care of you!


The Heal Your Hunger Community Online. This is probably the most delicious part of the program! When you travel this path with others who have been in your shoes and who are on the road of recovery, you are no longer alone. This is a safe, non-judgmental place where you can shed the shackles of shame and quickly move forward with your healing. You will love how this community will rally to support you and encourage you on your journey.

Priceless! ($500)



Yet your investment for this course will be only $997



The reason I’m able to offer this course at such a low price is because I’m able to keep my costs low by delivering it online. It’s a win-win!

PLUS, I want to be sure everyone has access to this amazing information, no matter what your financial situation.

Look, I know you’ve already spent thousands of dollars on programs that didn’t work. I understand how tired you are of wasting precious time on “solutions” that only work temporarily, if at all.

My motive here is not money, but rather seeing you be totally free. I want you to know that you’re finally home, that you can stop fighting and finally start living. 

So what are you waiting for?

Take Action Now!

Say YES and begin your healing journey NOW!

Don’t Put Your Health and Happiness off Any Longer!

I look forward to walking this path with you!

The investment for this course is


* 50% off - limited time offer!

Pay in full, or use 3-pay option.

I know how changed you will be after taking this course that I will stand by it 100%

If you are not 100% convinced that you received AMAZING VALUE from this program after completing all 10 modules, I will refund the full amount you paid. There’s no risk… so go ahead and jump right in!

Questions? Call us at 800-609-4061 or email us at: and we can schedule a time to answer your questions.

*We do not make any guarantees about results of any kind, including weight loss. Any stories or testimonials contained herein, do not constitute a warranty, guarantee, or prediction regarding the outcome of an individual using the 7 Simple Steps for any particular issue.